Episode Four: What’s the beef with beef?

What’s the beef with beef?

Are you convinced a vegan diet will save the world?  This episode might make you think again.

In episode four of Green Bites, we meet Sligo farmer and artist Clive Bright, whose 120 acre organic farm raises 100% grass-fed beef for Clive’s direct-to-customer company The Rare Ruminare. Clive has transformed his family farm from a standard dairy operation, complete with spraying and fertilisers, to the mob-grazing system he uses today, where trees play a vital role in improving his pastures.  He’s been certified organic for six years.

Clive talks how he believes a truly sustainable food system necessarily includes livestock, and how, in revolutionising his approach to farming, he’s managed to insulate his livelihood against the commodity market and a food system he sees as broken.

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  1. Tom woulfe says:

    So interesting

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