Episode nine: Loam


“Chefs have a responsibility to choose and nurture their supply chain. The restaurant is the showcase of a lot of other hard work that’s gone on in the background, and it’s important for the restaurant to showcase that work in a respectful kind of a way.”

Meet Enda McEvoy, head chef and co-owner of Michelin-starred Galway restaurant Loam, where Enda is envisioning a new indigenous Irish cuisine based on locally grown, foraged and hunted foods.

Loam is the first ever Irish restaurant to be awarded three stars by the Sustainable Restaurant Association and the first winner of Michelin’s UK and Ireland sustainability award. 

Following an extraordinary meal at Loam, Ellie returns to the restaurant to chat to Enda; everything from the day-to-day relationships built with veg growers and suppliers, to the colonial origins of French gastronomy, to whether or not there’s an Irish-grown substitute for pepper feature in this wide-ranging conversation.

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