Episode ten: An Ode to Apples

An Ode to Apples

Did you know that less that 5% of the apples eaten in Ireland are grown here? Most are flown from far-flung places like New Zealand, Chile and South Africa. Yet all over the country, each autumn, apples are left to rot in gardens.


This ode to the humble apple is in the company of David Llewellyn of Llewellyn’s Orchard in Lusk, Co Dublin. Not only does David grow rare varieties of apples and pears at his six acre orchard, but he also has a vineyard, grows Merlot, Rondo and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, and produces 1,000 bottles of Irish wine each year.

He also produces ciders, perrys, apple cider vinegar and juice. Join David to ponder why Irish supermarkets don’t stock Irish apples, take a ramble through the EU marketing rules that insist all apples that are sold are flawless and uniform, and wonder at the fiendishly clever marketing strategies of the Pink Lady PR team.

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