Episode 14: Glyphosate


While many farmers, the Irish Department of Agriculture and Teagasc say that Irish farmers can’t get by without the controversial herbicide, not everyone agrees….

While some EU countries are in the process of banning Glyphosate, the most used herbicide on the planet and the active ingredient in Monsanto’s RoundUp, Ireland’s Department of Agriculture and Teagasc, the Irish agricultural training and research body, say there’s no alternative and that Irish farming is not sustainable without it.

Ellie is joined by John Spink, Teagasc’s head of Crops and Environment, organic farmer Ross Jackson who runs Lacka Lamb with his wife Amy and farms organic oats and barley, and NUIG researcher Dr Alison Connolly, who is conducting research into glyphosate exposure in Irish farming and non-farming families, for a look at the current state of play regarding the chemical which has been involved in several controversies including high-profile cancer lawsuits in the US for occupational exposure and emerging evidence that glyphosate can have negative impacts on bee health.

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