Ep. 2, Season Two: A Sustainable Kitchen?

Sadhbh Moore. Photo: Ellie O’Byrne

From growing organic veg in skips to cooking dinner for 160 for seven months in an Antarctic research station, to working in the Democratic Republic of Congo, young Kenmare-born chef and nutritionist Sadhbh Moore is constantly “walking the talk” in her quest to make our food systems better thought-through and better for the planet.

Sadhbh is one half of The Sustainable Food Story: with her life and business partner Abi Aspen Glencross, a synthetic meat scientist turned heritage grain farmer, Sadhbh runs supper clubs with an emphasis on local and foraged foods.

The duo have also recently published their first book, Sustainable Kitchen. But what does Sadhbh mean by sustainable? And is the movement towards individual actions like beeswax wraps and foraging for our supper just disguising the actions of corporations who are more than happy to let the individual bear the burden of fighting for a more sustainable world?

Green Bites caught up with Sadhbh on a visit home to Ireland for a conversation in a polytunnel….

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