Ep. 6, Season 2: Taming the Soybean

Vegan chef James De Burca launched De Burca’s Tempeh in 2022.. Photo: Ellie O’Byrne

Tis the season to make New Year’s resolutions…..considering cutting down on meat, or going plant-based altogether in 2023?

Join vegan chef James De Burca of De Burca’s Tempeh in Kilkenny: James is on a mission to prove that Tempeh, an Indonesian soy-based protein food, is as delicious and versatile as it comes when it comes to replacing meat or adding plant-based proteins to our diet. De Burca’s Tempeh is Ireland’s first commercial Tempeh company, and James uses French soy beans and a Tempeh starter from The Netherlands to keep his food miles low. Only one problem…Ellie thinks she doesn’t like Tempeh!

James whips up a Thai Tempeh Larb, Tempeh Bacon and Tempeh and aubergine Involtini to prove the food’s versatility and deliciousness….

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